Child Custody Attorney Representation

Child Custody Attorney Representation

Compassionate Legal Counsel

When divorce proceedings involve children, determining the custodial parent can be a complicated process.

Our firm handles custodial cases and modifications in a professional manner, while placing the child’s best interest at the forefront. Our counsel consists of a number of variables when working on the parent’s behalf to establish the best scenario for the child. The State of Georgia has specific guidelines on determining the award of custody, and we work thoroughly to ensure our clients have the best advocate on their side.

With years of experience in this area, we can help you in obtaining a favorable outcome in your case. Contact Yoxall Family Law for results today!

At Yoxall Family Law, we are always prepared. When clients step into a courtroom or mediation, they can be confident in their attorney. We fight aggressively and professionally for our clients.

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Ms. Yoxall is always on top of it. She got me custody of my kids and didn't stop fighting until we won.
Emiliano P.