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Yoxall Family Law is a boutique law firm with more than 18 years of experience, devoted to serving your needs. When clients choose Yoxall Family Law, they are in for a life changing experience. At Yoxall Family Law we see our clients as more than just clients. Our clients become a crucial member of our team as we work together to fight for the best outcomes. We understand that our clients are going through what is likely the most difficult time in their life so we treat them with compassion and empathy. We maintain an open communication relationship with our clients and we foster that belief by ensuring that every phone call and email is returned in a timely manner. Our clients never have to wonder what is happening with their case, because we provide an online client portal where staff and the client can both upload and download documents, keep track of upcoming court dates, and send chat messages or emails to our team. In addition to our online portal options, Yoxall Family Law provides a welcoming office space for clients. Further, we believe that it is important for clients to know how their money is being used, so we ensure that our clients get a monthly invoice that details everything that has been done on their case.

We take a "whole"istic approach and assist our clients in every facet of life that they may require.  We fight for Fathers' and Men to make sure they are zealously represented.

At Yoxall Family Law, we are always prepared. When clients step into a courtroom or mediation, they can be confident in their attorney. We fight aggressively and professionally for our clients.

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I've been dealing with my ex-husband in and out of court for over 4 years regarding child support/visitation...he would continue to lie in Court each time and say he was unemployed so he wouldn't have to pay child support. Each time I would leave feeling depressed and feeling like it was pointless to take him to court because the judge believed everything he said. While all this time I was trying to go before the judge without an attorney because I felt like I had everything I needed to prove my case. Until one day I was searching the web and I was reading Ms. Yoxall's bio...I gave her a call, explained my situation and she jumped right on it...needless to say when we finally went to court everything he lied about came to light and I was awarded back child support...on top of current child support...and he had to pay my attorney fees. Ms. Yoxall is very professional and always responded back to my calls/text messages and made sure I understood what was going on and she kept me abreast o the next step.
Gerri H.